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Reserve knowledge in investment casting

Precision casting precision modelling method for precise casting technology in General. It includes casting, ceramic mold casting, metal casting, die casting, lost wax casting. Which more common of is melt touch casting: selection suitable of melt die material manufacturing melt die; in melt die Shang repeat dip paint and sub sand process, hardening type shell and the dry; again will internal of melt die dissolved off, get type cavity; roasting type shell to get enough of strength, burn off residual of melt die material,; pouring by need of metal; shelling Hou clear sand, to get high precision of finished. According to the products or heat and cold processing.

Precision casting and lost-wax casting, precision, complex, close to part of its products to final shape, not processed or unprocessed directly to use, so the investment casting is an advanced process of near-NET-shape forming.

Ancient China: Wang Ziwu ban tripod, copper, bronze lion, and so on, is a masterpiece of casting. In the 1940 of the 20th century after casting used in industrial production, in the last half century has been developing at a fast pace. Especially in Europe and the United States have developed rapidly. Now casting for aviation and weapons departments, in almost all industrial sectors, particularly in the electronics, petroleum, chemical industry, energy, transportation, light industry, textiles, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, pumps and valves, and other departments. Developing rapidly in China in recent years.

Development of investment technologies can not only produce small castings in investment casting and production of large castings, and overall size of the largest castings to 2m, and the minimum wall thickness is less than 2mm. While investment castings become more sophisticated, apart from the linear tolerances, parts to achieve higher geometric tolerances. Investment castings, surface casting angle is also getting smaller and smaller, and can reach Ra0.4 μ m.

Impact of economic crisis on domestic investment casting industry

1. the economic crisis makes precision casting Enterprise once again "Shuffle"

Due to the global economic recession, the export of castings, and weak domestic demand. Current castings market with very limited resources, in the process of competing for these resources, some products of high quality, low cost enterprise will win some small, cash-strapped, as well as product quality and cost competitiveness of enterprises can only shut down or running at half capacity, longer if the economic crisis, these companies can only fail.

In 2007 and the first half of 2008 cast materials of high prices has made a number of poor management of precision casting business failures, the current crisis would give precision casting Enterprise shuffle cards again. The fittest, so as to benefit the development of precision casting industry of China perspective, or it may be a good thing.

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