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Automobile Castings Improve The Power Of The Car, Reduce Fuel Consumption

Automobile Castings is one of the oldest metal forming methods, and there are about $number in automobile parts for Automobile Castingss produced by different Automobile Castings methods, which are mainly the key components of power system and important structural parts.

At present, the automotive industry developed countries in Europe and the United States advanced production technology, product quality, high production efficiency, small environmental pollution. Foundry Raw and auxiliary materials have been serialized and standardized, the entire production process has achieved mechanization, automation and intelligence. In these countries, digital technology is widely used to improve the design level of Automobile Castings process, the scrap rate is about $number, and the transnational service system has been established and network technical support has been realized. Compared with it, China's automobile Automobile Castingss, although the production of large, but most of the value-added and technical content is low, relatively simple structure of black Automobile Castingss, and foreign level gap is larger. This paper mainly discusses the development direction of automobile Automobile Castingss and automobile technology from the aspects of automobile energy saving and environmental protection.

With the increasing demand of automobile energy saving and environmental protection and reducing production cost, making full use of the advantages of Automobile Castings forming, the original stamping, welding, forging and Automobile Castings of several parts, through reasonable design and structural optimization, to achieve the integration of Automobile Castings forming parts, can effectively reduce the weight of parts and reduce unnecessary processing process, Thus realizes the lightweight and the high performance of the part.

Under the precondition of ensuring the strength and safety of the automobile, the quality of the vehicle should be reduced as far as possible, and the lightweight can be realized, thus improving the power of the vehicle, reducing the fuel consumption and reducing the exhaust pollution. The quality of $number kg per vehicle is reduced by 0.3~0.6 L, if the vehicle weight is reduced by 10%, fuel efficiency can be increased by 6%~8%. With the need of environmental protection and energy saving, the lightweight of automobile has become the trend of the world automobile development, and the lightweight of automobile Automobile Castingss has become one of the important development directions of automobile Automobile Castingss.

For the need of integral safety factor of Automobile Castingss, the design of equal thickness is one of the main design methods of automobile Automobile Castingss. However, the main drawback of such thick design is that it can not give full play to the structural performance and lead to the increase of Automobile Castings weight. Using CAE analysis, topology optimization and other means to optimize the design of components, so that parts of the stress values close to each part, that is, the wall thickness of the different parts of the force small thickness or not material, thereby reducing the weight of the parts. Considering that Automobile Castings forming can realize the forming of complex structure Automobile Castingss, various irregular cross-section can be realized. In the design, the stress analysis of the components is carried out by means of CAE or topological optimization. According to the distribution of force, the shape of the parts and the material thickness of the concrete part are determined. The weight of the parts can be greatly reduced by reinforcing, digging and thickening the Automobile Castingss.

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