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Automobile Castings Mechanization, Automation And Intelligence

Automobile Castings is one of the oldest metal forming methods, and about 15% to 20% of the auto parts are Automobile Castings produced by different Automobile Castings methods. These Automobile Castings are mainly key components of the power system and important structural components.

At present, Europe and the United States automobile industry developed countries, automobile Automobile Castings production technology advanced, good product quality, high production efficiency, environmental pollution. Automobile Automobile Castingss raw and auxiliary materials have been formed series and standardization, the entire production process has been achieved mechanization, automation and intelligence. These countries generally use digital technology to enhance the level of Automobile Castings process design,Automobile Castings scrap rate of about 2% to 5%, and has established a multinational service system and network technology support. In contrast, although China's automobile Automobile Automobile Castingsss larger output, but most of them are low added value and technical content, the structure is relatively simple black Automobile Castings, and the gap between foreign level. This article mainly from the automobile energy conservation and environmental protection and other aspects of the development needs, discusses the automotive Automobile Castings and automotive technology development direction.

Automobile Castings are made of various Automobile Castings methods of metal forming objects, according to their different use of metal materials, divided into cast steel, cast copper pieces, cast aluminum pieces, cast pieces of magnesium, cast zinc pieces, cast titanium parts and so on.Automobile Castings is widely used, has been applied to the hardware and the entire machinery and electronics industry, and its use is to continue to expand the trend. Which the automotive industry for the Automobile Castings product application rate is as high as 40%, we can see,Automobile Castings for the automotive industry has a very important significance. At the same time, in the cast iron application vehicles, the proportion of cast iron used in the truck category are: heavy truck accounted for about 40%, heavy truck accounted for about 32%, light truck accounted for about 25%, passenger cars accounted for about 10% 17% or so, from the data can be found,Automobile Castings in the automotive vehicle application ratio is very high, and has become an indispensable part of the car vehicle composition.

The development trend of automobile Automobile Castings integration is more obvious in the development of nonferrous alloy Automobile Castings. In order to make full use of the Automobile Castings process to achieve the characteristics of the production of complex structural Automobile Castings, there has been an integrated design of the door panels, seat skeleton, dashboard skeleton, front frame and firewall and other integrated design of high-pressure Automobile Castings, the size significantly larger than the current production Automobile Castings, the need for 4 000 ~ 5 000 t or even larger tonnage die-Automobile Castings machine for production.

To ensure the strength and safety of the car under the premise of the car as much as possible to reduce the quality of the preparation, to achieve light weight, thereby enhancing the car's power, reduce fuel consumption and reduce exhaust pollution. Car reduction of 100 kg per 100 grams, 100 km fuel consumption can be reduced by 0.3 ~ 0.6 L, if the vehicle weight reduction of 10%, fuel efficiency can be increased by 6% to 8%. With the needs of environmental protection and energy conservation, the weight of the car has become the world's automobile development trend, the weight of automotive Automobile Castings has become one of the important direction of development of automotive Automobile Castings.

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