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Automobile Castings Quality And Stability Control, To Achieve Customer Satisfaction

Development Trend of Automobile Castings and Casting Technology

Aluminum coloring defects generally have the following situations: light color, color, color is not color, white, white, stained flowers, fluttering color and so on. How to solve this problem, to ensure that each batch of products to maintain the same color, and confirmed within the scope of the deviation to meet the requirements of consumers. This requires the production enterprises, in the profile of electrolytic coloring surface treatment, to be studied and guarded.

First, the color of light, the color of the causes and treatment

1, uneven thickness of oxide film. Possible reasons are the anodic oxidation bath temperature,Automobile Casting uneven concentration, then the tank should be compressed air stirring to solve such problems.

2, dyeing temperature or uneven concentration. The introduction of mixing process, while increasing the number of stirring.

3, dyeing speed too fast. The bottom of the workpiece first into the dye and finally leave the dye, so the bottom of the most dyed deep. The solution is to dilute the dye,Automobile Casting the appropriate extension of the dyeing time.

4, poor conductivity. May be linked to a loose cause, pay attention to avoid such problems

5, the dye is too thin, can add dyes, increase the concentration.

6, the dye temperature is too low. Can be heated to 60 ℃ below the dye.

7, improper dissolved in the dye, or insoluble dye floating, this time easy to produce color. The solution is to improve the dye dissolution.

Second, the color does not produce the cause and treatment

1, anodic oxide film thickness is insufficient. The solution is to check the anodizing process is standardized, see the temperature, voltage, conductivity and other factors are stable, if abnormal, please adjust the specification, if no exception, may be appropriate to extend the oxidation time to ensure that the film thickness standards.

2, dye PH value is too high, this time,Automobile Casting you can use acetic acid to adjust the PH value to the standard value.

3, after the oxidation of the workpiece in the sink for too long. To promote timely dyeing, if this situation has occurred, the workpiece can be placed in the anodic oxidation tank or nitric acid in the tank and the appropriate activation of the activation after dyeing, the effect will be very good.

4, the choice of improper dye. Need to use the appropriate dye.

5, the dye has been decomposed or mildew, then need to replace the dye.

6, the oxidation temperature is too low, resulting in dense membrane. May be appropriate to improve the oxidation temperature.

7, poor conductivity. Possibly poor contact of the anode copper rod or cathode lead plate. Pay attention to cleaning anode copper rod and cathode lead plate, to ensure good conductivity.

White spots, exposed white causes and treatment

1, washing is not clean, should be strengthened washing.

2, washed with water is too dirty, easy to contaminate the film, this time should be replaced with water to ensure the quality of washing.

3, the oxide film by the air soot, acid, alkali fog pollution. Strengthen the washing, timely staining, timely transfer can significantly reduce the symptoms.

4, the oxide film by the oil, perspiration pollution. You must strengthen the protection, can not touch the appearance of the workpiece surface.

5, the dye does not dissolve impurities, by oil pollution, damage to normal dyeing, this time should filter or replace the dye, regular cleaning tank.

6, the workpiece gap, deep hole in the residual acid out of this type of work to strengthen the washing.

7, the dye is contaminated, resulting in corrosion of the workpiece surface corrosion, this time must be replaced dyes, usually should be careful to avoid the introduction of impurities in the process of operation.

Third, the color of flowers, fled color causes and treatment

1, the pH value of the dye solution is low, and the dilute ammonia water can be adjusted to the standard value.

2, cleaning is not clean. Should be strengthened washing.

3, the dye is not fully dissolved, to strengthen the dissolution caused by complete dissolution.

4, dye temperature is too high, lower temperature.

5, the oxide film pores are small, because the oxidation temperature is too low, inhibit the coating was sulfuric acid dissolved, may be appropriate to increase the oxidation temperature to avoid this problem.

6, dyeing color too fast, and dyeing time is too short,Automobile Casting adjustable dilute liquid, reduce the dyeing temperature, the appropriate extension of dyeing time.

7, sealing temperature is too low, heating solution.

8, sealing liquid PH value is too low, with dilute ammonia to adjust to the standard value.

9, easy to wipe the surface of the stained. The main reason is the rough skin, the general is due to high oxidation temperature. It should be noted that the control of the oxidation temperature is within the specification range.

On the issue of oxidation of color defects, to take the corresponding measures, the quality of aluminum products will be able to color control, to meet customer satisfaction requirements.

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