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China Foundry Industry Needs To Speed Up The Adjustment Of Industrial Structure

Adjustment, through helped excellent helped strong, has keep pressure, advance enterprise of merger, and restructuring, and restructuring and products structure of adjustment, achieved casting enterprise of scale and professional; foster features industry cluster, construction casting industrial park, to improve professional production level for oriented, foster a has international competitiveness of large leading enterprise, and professional production center and "designed, and fine, and special, and new" of SMEs groups, formed complement each other, and coordination development of industry pattern. Accelerating the use of high efficiency, energy saving and dust removal, energy, new technologies, new equipment, new technology to cut emissions. Improve material utilization and productivity, reduce consumption, the reduction of emissions. Actively developing modern manufacturing services, gradually shift from a single production to manufacturing services. Actively explore overseas resources and markets.

In the context of the impact of the global financial crisis, various elements around the world accelerates, and the price, supply and demand balance is changing, low-cost expansion for enterprises, breakthrough technology, talent and resources to provide the opportunity. For Chinese enterprises to implement the strategy of going out, develop and integrate the use of overseas resources and markets, provides unprecedented opportunities and a vast arena. Perfect the standard system of Foundry products. Standards are always at the highest level. Raise the level of standards, promotion of new technologies, new processes, new equipment, new materials used and eliminate backward products and process, and actively participate in international standard-setting, tracing international advanced technology development trends. Strengthening enterprise management and team building. Improve casting enterprises standardization management. Promotion of domestic and foreign advanced management techniques and methods, full, the entire process, all the established quality management system and the quality and integrity of systems.

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