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Foundry Industry Should Adopt The Recycling Economy Development Model In China

The development model of circular economy and resources-saving and environment-friendly foundry industry is an important way to reduce energy consumption. Various industrial furnaces in the Foundry production process is resource-intensive consumer, are also sources of environmental pollution. Take full advantage of Foundry process of furnace waste heat can reduce energy consumption. Shandong plant such as the cupola remaining heat is introduced to the drying room to paint after drying of casting, reached the effect of saving energy. Cupola furnace to heat domestic water. According to the German statement: rubbish is put in the wrong place. Foundry production waste reduction, reuse, recycling, remanufacturing should be given adequate attention. According to dump a ton of waste sand costs higher than the cost of buying new sand and reclaimed sand indicators than new sand. According to the current domestic price of new sand control and sand regeneration costs compare, regeneration cost only one-third of the new sand. After lots of slag granulation process can be used as a raw material for cement production can be good ways to reduce emissions of pollutants.

More than 20 years, the development of foundry industry in China is to rely on cheap labor and domestic resources, the mass excess energy into achieving. With China's rapid economic development, expanding domestic energy, resources, ecological and environmental constraints to economic growth is increasing, casting also faces a series of challenges to the development of the industry. If in the past the extensive, high growth, at the expense of resources way to go and the environment is certainly not feasible. My first castings production country in the world for six consecutive years. But, from China casting industry by faced of energy constraints enhanced, and environment security of pressure increased, and international casting territories competition increased and intellectual property protection strengthened of situation view, China casting to from powers variable power, to in 5 years within put energy reduced 20%, put pollutants emissions volume reduced 10%, only has by innovation and improve practitioners quality, by set harmony manufacturing concept, and by development cycle economic is hope.

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