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Hardware Electrical Casting Can Improve Electroforming Efficiency

Hardware Electrical Casting was originally used primarily for the reproduction of metal works of art and prints, and at the end of the 19th century it was used to make record dies, and the scope of application was gradually expanded. The basic principle of Hardware Electrical Casting is to make the prototype in advance according to the desired shape as the cathode, with electroformed material as the anode, together with the anode material into the same metal salt solution, through the direct current. Under the electrolysis, the original mold surface gradually deposited metal electroformed layer, to achieve the required thickness from the solution removed, the electroformed layer and the original mold separation, access to the original mold shape corresponding to the metal copy.

Hardware Electrical Casting can be divided into three categories, namely decorative plating (to nickel - chromium, gold, silver as the representative), protective Hardware Electrical Casting (represented by galvanized) and functional plating (represented by hard chrome plating). Hardware Electrical Casting is the use of electroplating method to manufacture one of the functional plating products. Hardware Electrical Casting process is a modern technology, the principle and the same plating. In the casting solution, the female mold for the casting, surface activation treatment after the conductive layer, connected to the current, electrophoresis in the electric field gold gradually deposited in the mold on the casting, to a certain thickness can be removed. And then polished welding, surface treatment, that is a beautiful electroformed jewelry.

The main purpose of Hardware Electrical Casting is the precise reproduction of fine, complex and difficult to use other methods of processing the special shape of the mold and the workpiece, such as the production of banknotes and stamps of the printing plate, recording die, the word plastic mold, plastic mold, mold , Metal works of art copies, mirrors, surface roughness sample, microporous filter, dial, EDM processing electrodes, high-precision diamond grinding wheel matrix.

Electroformed products to adapt to many industries: mobile phones, digital, home appliances, computers, cars, hardware, toys, high-end gifts. Electroformed products generally do not fade, quite suitable for: mobile phone keys, digital buttons, camera decoration, computer light guide plate, car lights, road reflectors, DVD, audio, toys, models and so on.

Electroformed metal is usually copper, nickel and iron 3, sometimes with gold, silver, platinum nickel - cobalt, cobalt - tungsten and other alloys, but the most widely used nickel Hardware Electrical Casting. Electroformed layer thickness is generally 0.02 to 6 mm, also has a thickness of 25 mm. The thickness of the cast and the original mold is only a few microns.

The original mold material is gypsum, wax, plastic, low melting point alloy, stainless steel and aluminum. The original mold is generally used for casting, cutting or engraving and other methods of production, for the fine small mesh or complex patterns, can use photographic plate technology. The original mold of the non-metallic material is subject to the conductive treatment, and the method is applied to the conductive powder, the electroless plating and the vacuum coating.

For the original mold of the metal material, an oxide film is formed on the surface or coated with a graphite powder so as to peel off the electroformed layer.

Hardware Electrical Casting equipment consists of Hardware Electrical Casting trough, DC power supply (usually 12 volts, several hundred to several thousand years) and Hardware Electrical Casting solution temperature, stirring, circulation and filtration equipment. The electroformed solution is an aqueous solution containing sulphates, sulfamates, fluoroborates and chlorides containing electroformed metal ions. The main drawback of Hardware Electrical Casting is the low efficiency, typically the thickness of the electroformed metal layer per hour is 0.02 to 0.05 mm. The use of high concentration of electroformed solution, and appropriate to improve the temperature of the solution and strengthen the mixing and other measures can improve the current density, shorten the casting time, which can improve the Hardware Electrical Casting efficiency. This method has been used in Hardware Electrical Casting of nickel.

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