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Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Application:Machinery Parts

  • Material:Cast Steel

  • Surface Preparation:Polishing´╝îdull Blueing, Phrosphotize,

  • Surface Roughness:Ra1.6

  • Machining Tolerance:+/-0.15mm

  • Standard:GB

  • Certification:ISO 9001:2008, TS 16949

Product Description

Suzhou Xin Sen Precision Casting Co.,Ltd was founded in June, 2011 with registered capital of $80,0000.The company focused on offering customers a wide range of steel alloys including stainless steel,carbon steel,low alloy steel.In addition,XSPC has invested heavily and wide variety of capital equipments and can offer customers fully tested parts.XSPC has a group of outstanding individuals who collectively insure XSPC is able to offer customer sufficient management. The highest level of produce development support and reliable long term supply. All these aspects insure XSPCs position as a leading manufacture of investment castings in China.
As a professional casting manufacture, XSPC has advanced  production lines, silicon sol line with the capability of processing up to 800 tons per year. XSPC group has brought economical skill of operation but not as the expense of quality, which remains the heart of everything that they do. 
XSPC has its own inhouse test laboratory where materials are tested and research is carried out into new technics that can further improve product quality. In order to insure the high quality, XSPC has invested heavily and equited from abroad when it has been necessary.In addition,XSPC also has completed and advanced sets of testing equipment and carry out inspections strictly according to product requirements specified by customers. Every melt is checked by spectrometer before casting . Mechinical tests can be carried out to insure conformity.Tests are carried out on castings to insure consistancy of that structure. XSPC has invested heavily a wide variety of general tools to insure product quality and meet customer expectations. 
The quality system has been steadily improved by implementing quality concept step by step.XSPC is your ideal partner for your investment casting needs.

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