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Mechanical Casting External Disturbances Such As Airflow, Light And Thermal Radiation Should Be Prevented

Mechanical Mechanical Casting is one of the basic processes of modern machinery manufacturing industry, it is a kind of liquid metal Mechanical Mechanical Casting into the Mechanical Mechanical Casting cavity suitable for the shape of the parts, after cooling and solidification, to obtain parts or blanks.

The mechanical equipment used in this process is the foundry machinery.

So the Mechanical Mechanical Casting machinery security check How to proceed, small plait next for everybody brief introduction.

1. The appearance of the machine should not have a convex, concave, rough and other damage on the surface of the pattern;

2. Machine exposed processing surface should not bump, scratches and rust;

3. The protective cover of the machine should be flat and symmetrical, should not warp and sag;

4. Machine 0, parts exposed to the edge of the interface should be neat, symmetrical, in addition to design requirements should not be obvious dislocation.

5. Machine exposed parts surface should not bump, rust. Screws, willow nails, pins end should not have a sprain, hammer injury and other defects;

6. Metal handwheel wheel rim and operation handle should be protective layer;

7. Electronic mirror parts, black parts color should be consistent, the protective layer should be intact, should not fade, shedding phenomenon;

8. A variety of lines on the machine, wiring should be compact, orderly arrangement, fixed and reliable, should not interfere with other parts of the phenomenon, nor should there be distortions, folding and other phenomena;

9. The coating of machine parts shall conform to the requirements of relevant standards and technical documents;

10. A variety of signs on the machine should be clear and durable. Product nameplate should be fixed in the machine obvious position, and should be flat and firm, not skew.

I. Basic requirements of machine inspection

1. Machine inspection, should prevent airflow, light and thermal radiation and other external interference;

2. The machine should prevent the influence of the environmental temperature change, and the environmental temperature requirement should be inspected under its prescribed conditions;

3. Before the inspection, the machine should be placed on the appropriate basis, in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions to adjust the machine, and should be in accordance with the corresponding precision inspection standards stipulated in the installation requirements;

4. The structure and parts that affect machine accuracy and performance should not be adjusted during the inspection process. With the foundation bolts fastening Machine, in the inspection process should not readjust the installation level, otherwise should recheck after adjustment receives the influence related project;

5. The inspection should be carried out on finished products, in particular cases can be removed according to the use of the manual parts;

6. The machine may be replaced by a method of standard equivalence as a result of structural limitations or lack of prescribed testing tools.

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