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Mechanical Casting Has A Clear Lead To Lead The Role

Mechanical Casting Cast iron platform coating a wide range of applications, whether it is dry, dry surface, or metal or wet type (wet type surface sparing powder) casting are used paint. Coating methods are brush, dip, spray and flow coating. Production practice should be integrated into the mass production process, type size and structure and other factors, a reasonable choice of coating method.

1, Mechanical Casting cast iron platform brushing method.

 The simplest, most flexible and most commonly used coating method. With a pen to paint the paint on the type, it requires the coating to be appropriate, brush when the brush side to stir, and to be uniform. When the top of the paste, the first sand to scratch a layer, and then cast about 2MM of the paste,Mechanical Casting one way to press the paste pressure compaction, and then brush a layer of thin paint. The method of production efficiency is low, the coating quality is not easy to stabilize.

2, Mechanical Casting cast iron platform dip coating method.

Is the sand core immersed in the paint in a short time out, is the sand core to obtain the coating method. High production efficiency, easy to get smooth, uniform coating, suitable for mechanized work on the sand core coating.

3, casting mechanical parts cast iron platform flow coating method.

It is by the flow coating machine pump will be pressed out of the flow of mouth pouring into the sand after the surface of a coating method, the excess paint flow back, you can continue to use. Flow coating method of high production efficiency, coated brushless marks, smooth surface, less paint waste,Mechanical Casting small environmental pollution, easy to operate. The disadvantage is that the coating thickness is not easy to control, the coating performance requirements more stringent, more suitable for resin sand production line.

China's Mechanical Casting industry has a great impact on the development, is conducive to the field of advanced machinery in the field of advanced technology into international standards, and promote technological progress, is conducive to improving the quality of Mechanical Casting products, build brand, with advanced standards to form a mechanism to push the industry Upgrade. For the city of Jinan, will become at home and abroad casting, casting equipment, high-end talent gathering place, casting equipment, technological innovation and exchange center, Jinan City, casting equipment industry development and transformation and upgrading, out of the country has a clear lead

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