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Mechanical Casting The Protective Layer Should Be Complete And Should Not Be Faded

Mechanical Casting is one of the basic processes of the modern machinery manufacturing industry. It is a method of Mechanical Casting liquid metal into a Mechanical Casting cavity which is adapted to the shape of the part, and after it is cooled and solidified to obtain parts or blanks.

The machinery used in this process is the Mechanical Casting machinery.

Then how to carry out mechanical safety inspection, Xiao Bian next for everyone to briefly introduce.

1. The appearance of the machine should not have the appearance of the protrusion, depression, roughness and other damage;

2. Machine exposed surface should not have bumps, scratches and rust;

3. The machine's protective cover should be smooth, symmetrical, should not be warped, depression;

4. Machine zero, the exposed surface of the exposed surface should be neat,Mechanical Casting symmetrical, in addition to the design requirements should not be obvious dislocation. 

The door of the machine, the cover and the machine should be bonded surface, fit the gap value should not be greater than the provisions of Table 1;

The electrical compartment of the machine, the door of the electrical box, etc., the gap between the lid and its associated parts shall be uniform and the unevenness of the gap shall not be greater than that stipulated in Table 1;

5. Machine exposed parts surface should not have bumps, rust. Screws, willow nails,Mechanical Casting pin ends should not be sprained, hammer and other defects;

6. Metal hand wheel rim and operating handle should be protective layer;

7. Electron mirror, black pieces of color should be consistent, the protective layer should be complete, there should be no fading, off the phenomenon;

8. The machine on a variety of pipelines, lines should be arranged compact, neatly arranged, fixed and reliable, should not interfere with other parts of the phenomenon,Mechanical Casting it should not produce distortion, folding and so on;

9. Rolling of machine parts should comply with the relevant standards and technical documents;

10. The various signs on the machine should be clear and durable. Product nameplate should be fixed in the machine at a prominent position and should be flat and not skewed.

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