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Mechanical Casting The Simplest And Most Flexible

Mechanical Casting Cast iron platform coating a wide range of applications, whether it is dry, dry surface, or metal or wet (wet type surface sparing powder) casting are used paint. Paint coating methods are brush, dip, spray and flow coating. Production practice should be considered in batches of production technology, type size and structure and other factors, a reasonable choice of coating method.

1, casting mechanical parts cast iron platform brushing method.

 The easiest, most flexible, and most commonly used coating method. Paint the brush with a brush on the type, it requires the coating to be appropriate, brush when the brush side to stir, and to be uniform. When the top of the paste, the first sand to scratch a layer, and then cast about 2MM of the paste, one way to press the paste pressure compaction, and then brush a layer of thin paint. The method of production efficiency is low, the coating quality is not easy to stabilize.

2, Mechanical Casting cast iron platform dip coating method.

Is the sand core immersed in the paint in a short time out, is the sand core to obtain the coating method. High production efficiency, easy to get smooth, uniform coating, suitable for mechanized work on the sand core coating.

3, casting mechanical parts cast iron platform flow coating method.

It is by flow coating machine pump will be sent out of the flow of paint poured into the sand after the surface of a coating method, the excess paint flow back, you can continue to use. Flow coating method of high production efficiency, painted brushless marks, smooth surface, less paint waste, small environmental pollution, easy to operate. The disadvantage is that the coating thickness is not easy to control, the coating performance requirements more stringent, more suitable for resin sand production line.

Casting is the use of liquid alloy products to form a method, the liquid alloy into the shape of the cooling, solidification. The vast majority of castings used as blanks, need to be machined to become a variety of machine parts; a small number of castings to achieve the use of dimensional accuracy and surface roughness requirements,Mechanical Casting can be used as a finished product or parts. The development of modern industrial production is more and more demanding on the quality of castings. Among them, burrs are one of the most common casting defects. The traditional casting industry needs to carry out manual cleaning of burrs, labor intensity and low production efficiency. Has been unable to meet the rapid development of the foundry industry needs, the introduction of mechanical automation to improve the processing of castings to improve processing efficiency, reduce processing costs is imperative.

2. Introduction of automated low pressure casting production line

(CNC) S700X1 mainly to achieve the casting gate sawing; grinding unit (CGC) mainly to achieve the outer surface of the casting profile (casting), the main part of the casting process,Mechanical Casting the main process includes vibration sand, to gate, clean burr and heat treatment, Flashing burr cleaning; rotary heat treatment furnace mainly to achieve the casting of the solid solution, quenching and aging treatment. Robot and transmission track will be all the units connected with, to achieve a highly efficient automated production, a change in the previous production efficiency, human and material consumption of the traditional model.

2.1 Machining Center Machining Center (CNC) is mainly composed of machine cover, spindle motor, ATC magazine, operation panel, spindle, table, control cabinet and main power circuit breaker. (ATC) of the armless mechanism can be faster,Mechanical Casting with the iconic action to exchange tools, thereby reducing the cutting time; knife near all the direction of the tool can be a short time to move back and forth; Y-axis positioning, can save non-cutting time. A single processing center processing time of about 106 seconds, the traditional manual tomb time consuming about 155 seconds, about 49 seconds and reduce the use of a job post.

2.3 Rotary heat treatment furnace Rotary heat treatment furnace is mainly composed of solid solution furnace, quenching tank, solid solution furnace, cold tower and transit robot,Mechanical Casting compared with the traditional tunnel heat treatment furnace, rotary heat treatment furnace area is smaller, heat loss more Small, and can achieve a single product into and out of the water production operations requirements, to avoid the assembly of the steps. The same to improve the efficiency and reduce labor costs.

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