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Mechanical Casting To Be Modified, So That Exhaust Emissions

Mechanical Casting generally by modeling method to classify, customary is divided into ordinary sand casting and special casting. Ordinary sand casting, including wet sand type, dry sand type, chemical hardening sand casting three categories. Special casting by modeling materials, can be divided into two categories: a class of natural mineral gravel as the main modeling materials, such as investment casting, shell casting, negative pressure casting, mud casting, solid casting, ceramics Type casting, etc .; a class of metal as the main casting materials, such as metal casting, centrifugal casting, continuous casting, pressure casting, low pressure casting and so on.

Casting post-treatment on the cleaning of the castings after heat treatment ﹑ plastic ﹑ rust treatment and rough processing process. Casting post-processing is the last process of casting equipment production.

Casting Cleaning removes the castings from the mold, removes excess parts from the body, and grinds the process of finishing the inside and outside surfaces of the finishing equipment. The main work is to remove the core and core.

Casting colored alloy for casting castings of non-ferrous alloys, casting equipment is a class. Mainly cast copper alloy, cast aluminum alloy, cast magnesium alloy.

The shape of the casting mold to form the mold cavity of the process equipment or consumables. In order to ensure the formation of meet the requirements of the cavity,Mechanical Casting the appearance should have sufficient strength ﹑ stiffness.

A supplementary part that is attached to or above the casting facility to avoid defects in the casting. In the mold, the riser cavity is a container for storing liquid metal.

The core of the core sand made of core casting technology equipment. Can be made of wood, plastic, metal or other materials.

Casting process is the metal smelting to meet certain requirements of the liquid and poured into the mold, the cooling and solidification, the finishing process to get a predetermined shape, size and performance of the casting process.

Casting process can be divided into three basic parts,Mechanical Casting namely, casting metal preparation, casting preparation and casting treatment. Casting metal refers to the casting production for the casting of metal materials, it is a metal element as the main component, and add other metal or non-metallic elements and the composition of the alloy, commonly known as casting alloy, mainly cast iron, Cast steel and cast nonferrous alloys.

Casting production because of its processes, lifting transport volume, the production process accompanied by high temperature, and produce a variety of harmful gases and dust, smoke and noise and other characteristics, making casting operations often burns, fires, explosions and mechanical injuries and other accidents; In addition, it is also easy to cause heat radiation, poisoning,Mechanical Casting vibration and silicosis and other occupational diseases hurt. Therefore, the safety of casting operations focus on dust, heat and prevent mechanical damage. Here we follow the different operations of the casting operations were introduced to their safety precautions.

 In the process of iron and steel smelting, the dust and dust in the process of iron and steel smelting are small in particle size, and the strong adsorption force is difficult. In the process of blast furnace slag discharge and the process of steelmaking, the flue gas generation and discharge are complicated and No organization emissions, high exhaust gas temperature corrosion of production equipment, waste gas treatment process equipment, short service life.

Guangdong, a mechanical casting Co., Ltd., is a professional smelting Mechanical Casting products business, the factory a 3.5-5T / h cupola, smelting casting process, resulting in a large number of high temperature flue gas, the existing flue gas treatment system is not Can be a good smoke in the so2, NOx, dust removal, cupola waste gas pumping system equipment obsolete, inefficient, process balance failed to better meet the actual situation of the flue gas flow, resulting in smoke The pipe diameter is too small, the gas velocity is too large, the pipeline pressure loss is too much; the end of the dust collector pressure drop is not enough to form a "vomiting" phenomenon, flue gas desulfurization process is simple; the company leaders attach great importance to environmental protection, According to the requirements of environmental protection "three simultaneous" to implement the environmental laws and regulations, to be invested and the site in the original equipment can be used as far as possible on the basis of transformation, so that exhaust emissions.

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