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Silica Sol Casting Improve The Permeability Of The Paint

Foundry companies use outsourcing coatings to solve the problem of paint sources. These companies use a small amount of paint, a purchase of a certain amount of paint after a short term with endless, often degeneration of paint, sink and other quality problems, resulting in paint scrapped. Some of the inconvenient enterprises to purchase the paint once the quality problems, can not return, the paint will be scrapped in bulk, resulting in greater economic losses. Therefore, these enterprises urgently need homemade paint, and master some of the performance of paint conditioning knowledge, so that they can some of the quality of paint problems, through the scene to take measures to save the problem paint. Enterprise homemade paint to understand the coating formulations, mixing methods, testing methods and coating performance changes. These business conditions are relatively simple, the need for staff to use their own conditions to select the characteristics of equipment and materials. Paint formulations and mixing equipment has many options, mastered the preparation of the coating and Silica Sol Casting process requirements, to prepare to meet the requirements of the use of paint.

In the Silica Sol Casting production, modeling materials occupy a very important position. In recent decades, with the development of science and technology, Silica Sol Casting bonded materials have been developed from the original clay to other inorganic, organic or inorganic and organic combination of series of adhesives. In the late 40s, there was a CO2-sodium-water glass method. In the 1960s, organic or inorganic groups were combined with organic binder cold sand. In the 1980s, organic chilled sand entered the mature stage, making the traditional clay sand and Organic hot-core box technology has been a strong challenge. From the sand core (sand type) strength, environmental pollution and cost and other angles, a new type of inorganic, organic chilled sand has obvious advantages.

Refractories should be selected primarily for cast alloy types. Cast iron coating refractories often used flake graphite and ordinary graphite, quartz powder, bauxite, talc, kyanite powder, etc., on several foreign cast iron coating refractories were X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy and diffraction analysis, found Their refractories are often wollastonite, mullite, mica, corundum, spodumene, aggregates in a variety of granulation is also used, with that can improve the permeability of the paint and strength, , Fibrous and granular. Cast steel Silica Sol Castings often selected magnesium sand powder, zircon powder, high aluminum powder, corundum powder and other refractory powder. For high manganese steel commonly used fused magnesia powder and forsterite powder, these materials can be resistant to high manganese steel alkaline erosion. Granularity is generally in the 320 mesh -200 mesh, but also with the use. This kind of coating must pay attention to the content of SiO2 (quartz) in the forsterite powder ≥ 40%, often affect the role of paint, because SiO2 and MnO will produce a chemical reaction and sticky sand.

Commonly used suspending agents are lithium, sodium or organic bentonite, convex and concave soil, CMC and so on. Lithium-based bentonite is not only good suspension, the paint coating performance is also better, often used in alcohol-based coating bath, but the use of lithium-based soil paint prone to "sink dead" phenomenon, the best paint is now Is used. Water-based paint can be used in conjunction with sodium and CMC, the effect is better. Organic soil effect is the best, the price is too high, generally in the higher alcohol-based paint in a small amount to join. Selection of bentonite suspension agent, in the premise of ensuring the suspension, the amount of the less the better, adding too much coating is easy to crack.

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