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What Is Casting? Development Of Casting?

What is casting?

Casting (casting)

Casting is the metal melting into liquid and pour it into the mold that meet certain requirements, obtained by cooling after solidification, clearing a predetermined shape, size and performance of the casting process. Casting near-forming, and mechanical processing or a small amount of the objective to reduce the cost of processing and, to a certain extent, reduce the time. Casting is one of the basis of modern manufacturing industry.

Development of casting

Casting is one of the basis of modern machinery manufacturing technology, so the development of foundry industry in marking the strength of a country's production. China has become the world's Foundry machinery one of the great powers, in the casting machinery manufacturing industry has made great achievements in recent years.

"85" casting machinery during manufacturing by the electrical and Mechanical Services Department attached great importance to, and put into one of the largest since the founding of special technical innovation loans and research costs, enabling the casting machinery industry product development and development. "Large-scale blast cleaning machine manufacture", "vertical flaskless shoot-squeeze moulding machine", "development of sodium silicate sand sand reclamation equipment", "metal casting equipment", and so on have been developed.

"95 year" period, Foundry machinery industry, and establish a complete "cars and cleaning rough castings refinement efficient modeling complete sets of technology and equipment" task "cylinder body and development of high efficiency continuous shot blasting line" is a complete success, 1999 completion of a national research project of the high level of air impact molding line success.

"Ten five" period, Foundry machinery industry average annual growth in major economic indicators are above 30%, higher than the machine tool industry-wide average level of growth, especially the faster profit growth, average annual profit growth of as high as 46%, while maintaining the high level of marketing. Addition, resin sand casting equipment, basic can meet domestic market needs, change has past main rely on imports of situation; has can production out high level of casting automatically line, reached can part alternative imports of level, part of solution has car engine cylinder body, and cylinder head, casting rough also to imports of situation; high automatically business core machine, and automatically casting cleanup machine, and automatically sand processor, and large automatically die-cast machine and precision casting equipment, casting mechanical, domestic basically are can production manufacturing. Should say "ten five" period casting machinery industry product level has been greatly improved for the Chinese Foundry machinery industry and lay a good foundation for further development in the future.

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